Engagement Session at La Barriere Park – in a canoe!

There is nothing like sunset engagement photos at Winnipeg’s La Barriere Park – in a canoe! Matt and Nat have so many special memories in their canoe, Ruby Sue, and we just had to include it in their engagement session. Can I just say… outdoorsy people are my kinda people. As you probably know by now, I love anything that gets me outside. Meeting Matt and Nat was so much fun because we resonated and connected on so many outdoorsy levels!

Manitoba’s La Barriere Park has the gorgeous La Salle river running through it, perfect for an evening canoe. So we started WAY at the beginning with the teamwork needed to bring their canoe down to the water! Nat had the great idea to get a few photos of them kissing under the canoe and I was all for it! The Fall leaves were starting to change colour and the sun was starting to set so we had this beautiful golden glow for all of our photos right off the bat.

One of my favourite parts of engagement sessions is the champagne pop! Sadly, you actually lose a lot of champagne when you do this (to the explosion) so Nat brought sparkling apple juice and it was a perfect replacement! A key tip for a successful champagne pop is to shake it a lot before you open, stand close together, and shake while you open it (and keep shaking!)

The best part about taking photos in La Barriere Park is the ability to follow the river for so long! We saw the sun was really starting to set and decided to get some sunset colours in our photos. Matt and Nat paddled their canoe over to the La Barriere Park Bridge while I ran like my pants were on fire to meet them and not miss our sunset! I was a sight to behold lemme tell ya, but SO worth it as you can see from our photos!

Our session together will always be filled with action, movement, and walking back and forth about 10 times. A canoe is a whole different story! They were troopers, paddling back and forth under the bridge so I could run around and get them from all angles! My favourites are definitely the photos of them in the canoe paddling towards me, and eventually under the bridge. Winnipeg can truly be so gorgeous, especially in the fall. I’m still so in love with the sunset colours we got in these photos!

To be quite honest, this might have been my favourite session so far this year! I have so much love for ALL of my couples but being able to capture the adventurous spirit in Matt and Nat, enjoy a park i’d never been to before, and fill my creative cup all at the same time? GOLD.

After the sun had set, we grabbed our pack of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate to head over to one of the public fire pits available at La Barriere Park. The one we had spotted earlier was taken but Nat immediately befriended the lovely couple who was using it so we could snag their fire for 10 minutes! Don’t worry, we shared our s’mores 😉

Your engagement photos are so special, and a must-do for any newlywed but my number one tip for your engagement photos? Make it your own. Screw generic smiles and posing for the camera! Make your engagement session in Winnipeg an experience and make it your own. Bring the things you love to do or enjoy together. Pizza, cocktails or beer, board games, kayaks, your dog, or even some books! Whatever is a main theme in your relationship should be at your engagement session. This makes it so special and personalized to you and your love story.

If you’re looking for your Winnipeg engagement photographer and want to spice it up a bit, reach out here to book with me. I’d love to hear more about you and what you love to do together!

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