why I do what I do...

When I first got engaged everyone was telling me things like: “your day will go by so fast” and “you won’t have time to visit with each and every one of your guests”. That was not cool with me. 

I had always envisioned my wedding day as a gathering of all my favourite people, there to celebrate my love and share in the excitement of committing to my best friend.  Well friend, I made it my mission to put together an intentional timeline and plan my wedding in a way that let me spent time with the people I love most! 

After all, it's not often all your favourite people are in one place to celebrate YOU!

STORYTELLING is what I do best

enter wedding photography...

You deserve a day that allows you do to the things you value most, whether that's time with guests, going to get ice cream or grab a cocktail, or bringing your dog along for the ride.  I've been where you are, and what I care about most as your photographer is capturing your wedding day authentically, and candidly, as possible.

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my philosophy

connection is my love language




The best part of this whole thing is getting to know you and your story; to form a genuine connection,  show you how beautiful you are (even if you claim to be awkward!), and capture candid memories. 

Let's have an absolute blast, celebrate with your people, and not be afraid to go off-plan to capture the creative shots that truly reflect your style and personality.

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inspired by

golden hour // BELLY LAUGHS // TRAVEL // in-between moments // natural landscapes // film photography // 80s movies

a few of my favourite things

my film camera

vinyl records

my husband nick

hiking anywhere and everywhere

our pup Breton


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Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba I capture intimate weddings and engagements for sentimental couples.  Timeless images of candid, in-between moments that transport you right back to your wedding day and make you feel ALLL the feels.