now it's time to marry your best friend

you've chosen all the small details //

As a photographer, I live for those small, intimate, in-between moments that tell your unique love story—the full-on belly laughs, the tears, the stolen glances.

Because it’s not just the grand gestures that make your day special. It’s the way your fingers intertwine when you think no one’s looking. It’s the glistening eyes when you say your vows. It’s that heartfelt hug from a loved one that makes your heart skip a beat.

We’re gonna capture some of those Pinterest-worthy wedding photos you’ve been dreaming of but we’re also gonna treasure the candid, unplanned magic that unfolds naturally throughout your day! 

Your wedding day deserves to be captured as authentically and candidly as possible. You don't need to worry about schedules or shot lists; your only job is to soak it aaallll in!

photos you can FEEL

2. lock it in

1. let's get to know each other

3. Engagement Session

We'll hop on a  video call and get to know each other a little better! We'll chat about your vision for your wedding day, bond over our shared interests, and make sure we're a perfect fit for each other! 

An engagement session is included in whichever wedding package you choose! It's such a fun, low-pressure way to get comfy in front of the camera and get to know each other even better. Plus, you'll learn that being in front of the camera is way easier than you thought and you're total naturals!

THE experience

how it all works

I take the time to get to know you - for real  for real - so I can tell your love story authentically and artfully

4. gimme all the deets

5. Wedding Day!

A month before your wedding, i'll send over a questionnaire so I have ALL the important details about your day. By the end i'll know your wedding party's names, moments you're most excited for, and so much more.

I'm all about making sure you have the BEST day & capturing the moments that make you feel all the feels. You stay fully in the moment, soak it all in , and i'll do my thing!

6. Gallery Delivery

Sneak peeks within 48hrs (because who can wait longer than that!!). Your full gallery is delivered 4 weeks after your wedding day! Make a whole thing of it and make it a special viewing - open some wine or order your favourite meal, and get ready to relive your day for years to come.

Once your contract is signed & retainer paid, we're official! Everything is online & easy to use (and yes I take credit card, get those points baby!) Pop some champagne and cheers to booking your photographer!

tasha & brayden

"You made it so easy for us and everyone felt so comfortable on our day. We felt like you weren't even there at times, and yet you were everywhere all at once!

You took the whole vision/Pinterest board and ran with it, never missing an opportunity to capture our delicate moments."

"she makes you feel fully present and doesn't miss out on any last detail"

YOU'RE MY people if...

You want wedding photos that feel like art, you're prioritizing quality time on your wedding day, and aren't afraid to get your dress dirty.

You're more of a go-with-the-flow type,  will probably break some traditions, and want to feel 100% yourself on your wedding day!

heck yes, i'm in

How you loved each other, and what your relationship was like.

Relationships grow and change so much over the course of our time here on this planet. There’s something really special about being able to capture these feelings in a way that allows you to revisit them so fully, years later.

Like pulling out a favourite book and rereading the story just because you love it so much.

When you look at your wedding photos, i want you to be taken right back to that moment and remember exactly how you felt.

All your favourite people are in one place celebrating YOU! If you're dreaming of an intentional, intimate day focused on your experience, get in my inbox! 

most booked package is 10hrs
$3,750 (inclusive of GST)



celebrate your love your way - make it all your own.

✦ Digital images
✦ 50+ page Wedding Guide
✦ Timeline planning assistance
✦ Sneak peeks within 48hrs
✦ Vendor recommendations 


✦ Online, shareable gallery of high-res images
✦ Engagement session
✦ Engagement Session Guide
✦ Online print store 

your wedding day is one of a kind

Want to do something a little adventurous and more intimate!? I am HERE for it! Let’s escape to the mountains with your closest family + friends – or just the two of you in the middle of a National Park. However you dream your intentional elopement, I’m ready to help you plan, capture it all, and experience with you.



✦ Digital and film/polaroid images
✦ 50+ page Guide
✦ Elopement planning assistance
✦ Sneak peeks within 48hrs
✦ Vendor recommendations 


✦ Online, shareable gallery of high-res images
✦ Engagement session
✦ What to wear guide for engagement sessions
✦ Online print store 



guest counts under 30 people

down to earth storytelling

Sara + Justin

She was a rockstar!


Kelsie, is straight up fantastic. My husband hates photos and I made it very clear that not only will he be a pain in her butt, she would really have to tell him exactly what to do and do it quickly. Which she absolutely did. He loved her, and really didn’t mind the process which took a lot of stress off my plate.

She was so lovely to have a part of my day, and was very patient with all the family and friend photos that I wanted on my day. 

"She’s so fun and loving and thoughtful." 

ready to chat about your vision!?

let's do it!

film photography

So, picture this: a physical roll of film goes into a vintage camera, and pretty much none of the settings are automated. You only get 36 frames (photos) per roll and have to make each one count! Sometimes you make a mistake or the focus isn’t as sharp, but it’s kind of the magic of film!

What I love about film is that it slows you down, captures memories intentionally and imperfectly, bringing back waves of nostalgia for years.


It’s like capturing your memories in a lil time capsule, full of real and raw moments.

"We are so happy that we had Kelsie as our photographer to help us leading up to and on our big day! She was incredibly helpful, friendly, and overall amazing to work with. We're a little camera-shy/awkward, but those feelings melted away when Kelsie was shooting with us.

We got the shots we needed without having felt like entire our day was spent in front of the camera."

"She went above and beyond for us for whatever we needed"

heather & ryan

"It was great, really easy. You had us moving around a bunch and made us feel comfortable. 

I think what we love the most is how they captured the full day and all the emotions!"

"I think my family all knew you by name after!"

alexandria & joey

"I wanted pictures that captured the moment, the smiles and laughs, and pictures with my guests so I can look back and remember years down the road. Kelsie captured it all. There is still not a day that goes by that I don’t stop and take a look at all the pictures from that day. She listened and captured everything I told her that were important to me."

"She fit right in with everybody!"

kim & nolan

"Seriously though... these are sooo cool! They definitely capture the essence of the day: celebration with those we love the most.
Wow. Just wow.

These are beyond cool. You are fabulous and I love love love them. These are better than I could have ever hoped for! There really isn’t a photo that I feel that I’m missing."

"OH MY GAWD Kelsie!!! These photos fucking ROCK!!!"

jessie & chad

Couples Session

Whether you just got engaged, are celebrating an anniversary, or just want to have a fun date together - I gotchu.
Adult beverages and spotify playlists recommended!



You've worked hard to build your business - now it's time to show the world!  It brings me so much joy to help entrepreneurs present their brand visually.


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Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba I capture intimate weddings and engagements for sentimental couples.  Timeless images of candid, in-between moments that transport you right back to your wedding day and make you feel ALLL the feels.