Sam + Matt recently got engaged (at Christmas I might add!) and wanted to do something fun to celebrate. They weren’t sure where they wanted to go but definitely wanted some wintery, forest vibes. Winnipeg is so great for green spaces! We can get those woodsy, romantic photos without having to travel too far. I’m always happy to help you pick out the best location for your vision, whether its woodsy, industrial, or downtown. A beach shoot is totally on my bucket list so hit me up if that’s your vibe!

Henteleff park is SUCH a hidden gem, and is absolutely gorgeous in all seasons. There’s trees and trails, isn’t too busy, and most importantly, gets that truly beautiful golden hour glow. We had to walk about 5min to our chosen spot, and Sam + Matt had to wade through some deep snow, but it was well worth it. Plus a walk to our shoot spot just means more time to chat and for you to get settled into this whole photoshoot thing.

Sam + Matt just brought so much joy and love to our shoot, it translated into all of our shots. We chatted so much between different sections of our shoot, and had a lot of fun with prompts and exploring the area. We also lucked out in the temperature department, with only a -15 day.

The absolute cherry on top of this shoot was Sam pushing Matt into the snow – I honestly laughed so hard. She had the idea to push him into the snow, then jump on top of him. But before I could even get my camera ready, she had pushed him in!! She was so eager, we had to do a second round. I’m still learning how to create high quality GIFs but once I do, you better believe this is the first one i’m making!

Winter engagement shoots can be so magical and fun, especially here in Winnipeg. We get the beautiful prairie sunsets, and golden hour glow, not to mention all the parks and wilderness spots we can choose for location. Every couple is so different in their story, their vibe, and what they’re looking for from their shoot but working with me will ALWAYS be fun!

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Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba I capture intimate weddings and engagements for sentimental couples.  Timeless images of candid, in-between moments that transport you right back to your wedding day and make you feel ALLL the feels.