We had such a beautiful day at Manitoba’s Bird’s Hill Provincial Park this past winter! The lighting was gorgeous, the pine trees add so many festive vibes, and most importantly, we were dressed for the cold. I thought I would take a moment to jot down a few tips to make the most of your winter engagement shoot.

⁠1. Layers. this is the number one and only rule! Layers also add shape and texture to your outfit, plus make it easy to change up your look. Coats, sweaters, scarves, hats, etc. use em all!
2. Bring a blanket, hot cocoa, or even plan for a bonfire during our shoot. They keep you warm AND act as great props for our photos

3. Aaaaall the cuddles. Stay warm while also keeping close to your boo. It’s win win really. What looks great in photos? Warming each other up, hugs inside his jacket, and great big bear hugs!

4. Finally…embrace winter and the cold! I know, I know, very few of us love the cold but there are so many fun things to do during out shoot that involve embracing the cold. Snowball fights, throwing snow, snow angels, and all kinds of other fun wintery activities add more of your personality to your photos!

I hope these tips help you enjoy your winter shoot but if you’re still not about it…we’re almost through the worst of the cold here in Winterpeg, so hang tight friends! ❄ ❄

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