Nova Scotia Duck Toller dog celebrates his birthday

Have you ever wanted to throw your dog (AKA fur baby) a birthday party!? Are you lacking in professional, well lit photos of them looking their best? Enter: Bark Day Shoots.

Man I am SO excited to offer these, I am such a dog lover and these shoots just bring so much joy into my life. Of course, I am a wedding and couples photographer but being a dog mom, and knowing a lot of other dog owners, I thought it would be a fun package to add into my lineup! My good friend Hannah owns and bakes all the cakes at Winnipeg’s Collie Cake Co – match made in heaven right?

SO it was my dog, Breton’s, second birthday and I just knew I wanted to get a cake from Hannah at Collie Cake Co. I gave her full creative freedom and we thought it would be fun to invite Breton’s best dog friend Finn and turn it into a shoot! We started with a few nice photos of Breton, just like I would on a regular bark day!

Oh my gosh, my heart was not prepared for the cuteness and hilarious photos that we captured. My little dude just looking so pleased with his bark day cake – he’s an October puppy so Hannah designed a ghost cake! How cool is that! Honestly you guys, the photography practically happened by magic.

One thing to decide before we give your pup their birthday cake is how much cake you actually want them to eat! Depending on the cake ordered it can be quite large, and potentially cause some upset stomachs. I like to give them their cake, get a few shots of them in front of it, then take a few minutes to photograph them licking and eating the entire cake. Once that’s out of the way, we take the cake away and cut it so they can eat the rest with no restrictions!

I think the best decision we could have made was inviting Finley to come celebrate Breton’s birthday with us. These two are honestly the best of friends – and that’s not just my crazy dog mom side talking! They play hard, love seeing each other, and snuggle up when they FINALLY tire (hours later).

My favourite trick during Bark Day shoots is to plop some icing on their noses – they’re always my favourite photos!! Hannah makes the cakes in a variety of flavours so your pup is sure to love their birthday cake.

Hannah also brought some fun new dog-friendly cakes and pup cakes from Collie Cake Co for the dogs to try out. The best part about Bark Day shoots is all the silly faces your dog makes! We had so much fun taking photos of them and honestly laughed so much!

If anything convinced me I needed to offer dog birthday, or bark day shoots, it was this. I am so stoked to be able to offer this to you and I can’t wait to celebrate your pups birthday (and capture all those goofy photos). If you’re looking to celebrate your dog’s birthday, gotcha day, or just show them some love and you live in Winnipeg or Manitoba in general – hit me up!! I’m so DOWN for your dog’s birthday photoshoot.

Cakes: @colliecakeco.

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