Winter in Winnipeg can be pretty brutal – in home sessions are your answer! I looooove a good in-home session, they’re intimate and romantic in a way that only comes from a session in your own space.

Hannah + Grant JUST moved in together, and I was so excited to capture some memories with them. Their adorable new house had great sun, plants, and my favourite: kitchen counters to kiss and cuddle on. The kitchen is usually where I start in-home sessions, it’s a great spot to get used to the camera and just hang out together.

These two have been together for years, and their love is just so strong and palpable. They were constantly cuddling and smiling at each other, making my job extremely easy. I’m so grateful to Hannah + Grant for welcoming me into their new home to create some beautiful memories and photos together.

As you probably know by now, dancing is once of my favourite prompts! I always change it up, so that no two sessions are the same, but I usually include at least one dancing prompt into my couples sessions. Movement is such a fun way to forget about the camera and just enjoy time with your person. In-home sessions can be a bit trickier to incorporate lots of movement but aside from the dancing (and a few other goofy ideas), I stick to things you’d normally do at home!

Our last spot to shoot in was the bedroom, lots of cuddles, goofing around, and some intimate moments. I really love making the most of in-home sessions; shooting in several rooms in the house, focusing on your favourite spaces.

I had so so much fun with Hannah and Grant in their new house and am sold on in-home sessions. I love how personal they are, each photo is so true to you because we’re hanging out in your space, doing things you love!

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Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba I capture intimate weddings and engagements for sentimental couples.  Timeless images of candid, in-between moments that transport you right back to your wedding day and make you feel ALLL the feels.