Laughter, dancing, and family; these three words encapsulate the essence of Marili and Taylor’s wedding day at a serene family friend’s property in rural Manitoba. From the lakeside first look to the gorgeous sunset twinkling, their wedding day felt full of warmth, love, and a lot of fun.

Vendors who brought this day together:

Catering + Decor: @thebackyardonaberdeen
Florals: @houseofsilkwpg
DJ (who was amazing): @tridentmusic
Dress: @wbridalsyxe
Tux: @mooresclothing

getting ready

As the morning sun streamed through the windows, Marili kicked off her wedding day with the hustle and bustle of getting ready. Surrounded by her closest friends and family in a family member’s home, there was laughter, chatter, and the smell of coffee in the air. The hair and makeup artists worked their magic while Marili slipped into her wedding dress, excitement building with each passing minute. Amidst the chaos, there were moments of quiet reflection, a chance for Marili to soak in the significance of the day ahead.

In order to ensure their day was fully captured, Marili and Taylor made the decision to add a second shooter for their wedding. With separate getting ready locations about 20 minutes apart, having an additional photographer is so helpful in capturing every moment on either side!

Taylor left the getting ready portion of the day early, because he was just that eager to get to his first look with Marili!!

the first look

They chose to do their first look at her family cabin, nestled amidst the towering pines and backing onto a gorgeous lake. The cabin holds so many memories of shared moments, laughter, and dreams for both of them. It was a place where their love story had deepened, making it the perfect backdrop for this special moment.

Meanwhile, my second shooter Kate, was back with the groomsmen capturing all their shenanigans while they waited…

wedding party portraits


The ceremony was held in a tent and officiated by a close family friend, who flew here all the way from South Africa just to be able to do this for them! In fact, a lot of Marili’s family still lives in South Africa and were watching the ceremony on a live stream.

From the tender moments of anticipation as Marili prepared for her walk down the aisle to the candid laughter shared among the wedding party, having two photographers to capture the day added some special moments to their gallery.

Adding an extra touch of charm and whimsy to the proceedings, Marili and Taylor’s beloved dogs, Whiskey and Binelli, took on the role of ring bearers. Dressed in their finest attire, tails wagging with excitement, they trotted down the aisle! Later on, they will also get their own bespoke cocktails crafted in their honour!

In a delightful twist, the tradition of signing the marriage license took on a playful tone as the two best men (and brothers) engaged in a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who would have the honour. Laughter echoed through the ceremony space, embodying the joy and camaraderie that defined this celebration of love!

The barrels the couple signed their marriage license on were handmade by the bride’s father, another meaningful detail in their day.

the reception

The picturesque setting of a family friend’s farm provided the ideal canvas for the ceremony and reception, adorned with rustic elegance by the creative minds of Backyard on Aberdeen. Every detail spoke of intentionality and personal touch, from the handcrafted decor to the delicious food and desserts!

The branches tucked in the sides of the walls were freshly cut by family and friends, and used to add a bit more colour and warmth to the barn!

The energy of the wedding party was infectious, keeping the festivities lively from dawn until dusk. The love between friends was palpable, as laughter and smiles filled the air, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration. From heartfelt toasts to impromptu dance-offs, every moment was infused with the warmth of genuine affection and camaraderie.

sunset photos

We allotted about 20 minutes into their wedding timeline to duck out and capture some gorgeous sunset photos! If you can sneak out for even 10 minutes during your reception it’s so worth it. Usually sunset portraits are taken about 20-30 minutes before the sunset time you see on the weather app!

But perhaps the true highlight of the evening was the dancing—a spirited affair that saw guests young and old taking to the dance floor with abandon. From joyful twirls to spontaneous conga lines, the air was electric with the sheer exuberance of the moment. Marili and Taylor’s love illuminated the night, casting a radiant glow that illuminated the hearts of all who bore witness.

These two had some energetic guests who clearly LOVED to dance! It wasn’t hard to get everyone on the dance floor, especially with how great the DJ was.

Pro Tip (just in case) for a packed dance floor: have your DJ call all couples to the dance floor right after your first dance. For the next song, play something you know nobody can resist dancing to, and call the rest of your guests to the dance floor!! Keep your photographer around for at least 15min to capture all the shenanigans that ensue. Promise, you won’t regret it 

When I asked Marili and Taylor what photos they wanted from their wedding day, they all focused around people and heartfelt connections. They have such strong ties to their family and friends, and really just wanted a photographer who could capture how their day felt. In capturing every fleeting smile, every tender embrace, I couldn’t help but be moved by the depth of emotion and the sheer magic of their day.

a few film photos from their day

Marili and Taylor, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your love story, for entrusting me with the task of preserving these precious moments for generations. Your wedding day was a testament to the power of love in its purest form, and I am honoured to have been a witness to its unfolding!



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