Courtney and Sam’s incredible wedding day at Assiniboine Park—it was an absolute dream! From the intimate first look to the heartfelt ceremony and stunning reception, every moment was filled with love, laughter, and timeless beauty. As their photographer, I had the privilege of capturing it all, and let me tell you, it was a day to remember.

The vendors that brought this day to life:

Florist: Beyond Flowers

DJ / Band: Topps Music

Cake/Desserts: Baked Expectations

Hair: Hair by Olga

Make Up: Tori Nicole Artistry

getting ready

Before the magic of the ceremony and reception, Courtney and her bridesmaids had a blast getting ready together at her home. It was a flurry of excitement, laughter, and heartfelt moments as they prepared for the day ahead. Courtney, surrounded by her closest friends and her mom, shared precious moments of bonding and anticipation as they prepped for the big day. There’s something truly special about those final moments of getting ready—it’s a time to reflect, to laugh, and to soak in the excitement of what’s to come.

Why Champagne Pops Are So Fun

And let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like the joy of popping champagne with your besties by your side. Why, you might ask, is popping champagne with the bridesmaids such a blast? Well, aside from the obvious (who doesn’t love a good glass of bubbly?), it’s all about the shared experience. It’s a moment of pure joy and excitement, a chance to toast to love, laughter, and the adventures that lie ahead. It’s a tradition that’s become a staple of wedding day festivities, symbolizing celebration, friendship, and the start of something new.

Plus, let’s be honest, who can resist the thrill of that satisfying “pop” as the cork flies through the air?

Courtney had such a unique veil, finger tip length with these tiny pin stripes going through it! I was obsessed. She chose such a classic dress, and an Old Hollywood glam hair style to go with it. Her bridal look came together so beautifully!

first look at bruce park

Courtney and Sam opted for a private first look at Bruce Park. Such a great choice of location because it was close enough to Assiniboine Park that we didn’t need to get bogged down with travel times and logistics.

Despite claiming to be a bit awkward in front of the camera, these two were absolute naturals. So many couples think they will be awkward but honesty? You’re so caught up in the excitement and joy of your wedding day that you barely notice the camera. Trusting your photographer and letting go of any nerves is key, and Courtney and Sam nailed it!

After their first look, we took some time for couples portraits in the serene surroundings of Bruce Park. With lush greenery and stunning backdrops, it was the perfect setting to capture their love in its purest form. The weather was seriously perfect, and there weren’t very many people wandering around the park. I love focusing on those in-between moments—the stolen glances, the tender touches—that truly showcase the connection between two people!

Before meeting up with their wedding party, Courtney + Sam wanted to grab a few shots in the Leo Mol Sculpture garden, where they would be saying “I do” a couple hours later!

first look with dad

Courtney has a very close relationship with her dad and opted to do a first look with him when she got to Assiniboine Park. It was so special to capture and be a part of, and I highly recommend doing one if you’re thinking about it!

wedding party photos at assiniboine park

After her first look, it was time to meet up with the wedding party at Assiniboine Park for group photos. Courtney and Sam seriously nailed the timeless, classy, and Old Hollywood vibes with the black bridesmaids dresses, sharp black suits, and Courtney’s elegant wedding gown.

saying “I do” in the leo mol sculpture garden

The moment we’d all been waiting for finally arrived—the ceremony in the breathtaking Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. With its lush gardens and tranquil atmosphere, it was the perfect setting for Courtney and Sam to exchange vows and begin their journey as husband and wife. The pond beside the ceremony space is truly stunning and adds to the natural, grounded feel of the space. As their photographer, I was honoured to capture the raw emotion and joy on their faces as they said “I do.” It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do!!

Courtney and Sam chose to do their family photos in the gardens after the ceremony and we took an extra 10 minutes to get a few more couples portraits now that they were officially married!!

It can be really helpful to break up your couples portraits into 2 or even 3 sessions throughout your wedding day, especially if you don’t love the photoshoot process! It allows us to get a variety of photos, especially if you opt for golden hour portraits (which I HIGHLY recommend).

reception in the qualico family centre

The reception took place in the gorgeous Qualico Family Centre, where friends and family gathered to celebrate Courtney and Sam’s love. The windows are massive, looking out into the greenery of the park and adding an airy feel to the space! They truly had such an eye for detail in all of their wedding decorations and selections. From the custom seating chart made by family to the illustrated guest book, everything was so intentional and full of meaning.

Courtney and Sam chose to do their first dances right after their entrance into the reception. It’s something I’m seeing more often at weddings and kind of a fun idea if you just want to relax for the rest of the night!

Trusting your Photographer for Timeless Memories

Courtney and Sam’s wedding day was a true testament to the power of trust and authenticity. Despite any initial nerves or reservations, they embraced the experience wholeheartedly, allowing me to capture their love in its purest form. As their photographer, it was an absolute honour to be a part of their special day and to witness the beauty of their love story unfold.

So, to all the couples out there planning their big day, remember this: trust your photographer, embrace the moment, and let your love shine. Because when you do, magic happens, and the memories you’ll create will truly stand the test of time!!



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