If you’re dreaming of a romantic beach elopement in Manitoba or envisioning a small, private ceremony that captures the essence of your love, you’re in the right place!

Stephanie and Marco reached out to me with a vision for their intimate Fall Winnipeg Beach elopement, seeking a custom package that would make their special day unforgettable. The serene beauty of Winnipeg Beach provided the perfect backdrop for their heartfelt vows, and as soon as I heard their plans, I was an enthusiastic YES!

Join me as I take you through the magical journey of their beachside celebration, from the planning stages to the unforgettable moment they said “I do” with the sand between their toes and the gentle waves of Lake Winnipeg as their soundtrack.

getting ready

When I arrived around 4pm, everyone was in full swing of celebrating with some champagne and snacks! Stephanie and Marco chose a charming Airbnb in Gimli, Manitoba for their elopement, which provided the perfect setting for the getting ready and ceremony portions of their day. This beautiful rental not only had beach access but also boasted a hot tub, which became a delightful highlight for their pre-wedding celebrations!

The night before their ceremony, they invited close friends and family over for a relaxed dinner and a soak in the hot tub, creating an atmosphere filled with love and anticipation. Marco’s parents and Stephanie’s best friend were present to share in these special moments, adding to the intimate and personal feel of the occasion. Once I arrived, the two split into the upstairs and main levels of the AirBnb to put on their wedding attire!

Though Stephanie’s family weren’t able to travel from Venezuela for the ceremony, the couple made sure to incorporate the best of Manitoba’s stunning summer lake life into their day. Stephanie had her heart set on the picturesque surroundings of Winnipeg Beach and the Gimli area, known for the beautiful beaches, serene lake views, and charming docks. These elements provided a meaningful connection to their new home in Canada and highlighted the natural beauty of their chosen location. As they prepared for their big day, the excitement and joy were palpable, setting the stage for a heartfelt and unforgettable elopement!

Marco hid in the laundry room so Stephanie could come downstairs without being seen before the first look! They had such a sweet moment checking in with each other through the door, and sharing in the excitement of starting their elopement day! Before heading to our first look location at the pier, Stephanie helped Marco’s dad but his boutonniere on. Candid moments like this are always special on wedding days but feel extra special on elopement days, when the overall atmosphere is intimate and family-oriented.

the first look

Stephanie and Marco’s first look took place on a picturesque pier just north of Winnipeg Beach, a moment that beautifully captured the love and anticipation between them. Opting for a first look allowed them to spend more time together on their special day, share some intimate moments, and ease any pre-ceremony jitters.

As Marco stood at the end of the pier, gazing out over the shimmering lake, Stephanie approached him from behind, her dress softly swaying with each step. The peaceful sound of the water lapping against the pier added to the serene atmosphere. When Marco turned around to see Stephanie, the emotion in his eyes was unmistakable. This private moment allowed them to connect and reflect on the journey that had brought them to this beautiful day.

Following their heartfelt first look, they took the opportunity to do some portraits with just the two of them on the classic Winnipeg Beach pier-style dock, family photos, and capturing candid memories with Marco’s parents and Stephanie’s best friend.

As soon as we left the pier, the fall colours were too tempting and we opted for a few on our way back to the car! I always love leaving some space in the timeline, whether it’s an elopement or wedding day, to allow for opportunities like this!

Before the ceremony started, Stephanie and Marco planned for some alone time (with me!) at the beach in front of their AirBnb. The overall timeline of their day ended with the ceremony so instead of sunset photos they opted for a bit more portrait time earlier in the day!

the ceremony

Stephanie and Marco’s ceremony took place in the grassy yard of their charming Airbnb, with breathtaking beach views providing the perfect backdrop. The setting was idyllic, blending the tranquility of nature with the intimate atmosphere of a private gathering. Stephanie had personally crafted and decorated the beautiful arch, adorned with flowers and delicate fabrics, which stood as a testament to her creative touch and added a personalized element to their ceremony space.

To ensure their family and friends in Venezuela could be part of their special moment, they set up a live FaceTime call. As the call connected, Stephanie and Marco’s loved ones gathered virtually, their faces lighting up the screen with smiles and tears of joy! This live connection bridged the geographical gap, allowing their family and friends to witness their vows in real-time and share in their joy despite the distance.

The ceremony began with Marco standing under the arch, the serene sound of the waves providing a gentle soundtrack. Their officiant led a heartfelt bilingual ceremony, seamlessly transitioning between English and Spanish to honour both their new life in Canada and their Venezuelan heritage. This bilingual approach ensured that all guests, both in person and virtual, could fully appreciate and understand the beautiful vows being exchanged.

As Stephanie and Marco spoke their promises in both languages, there was an added depth of meaning and connection. The presence of Marco’s parents and Stephanie’s best friend provided an intimate, supportive atmosphere, her best friend’s dog was also in attendance and added a touch of charm and playfulness to the occasion!!

As they exchanged rings and shared their first kiss as a married couple, applause and cheers erupted both from the yard and through the FaceTime call. The joy was palpable, radiating from every corner of the yard and reaching across the miles to their loved ones in Venezuela. This ceremony was a perfect blend of heartfelt moments, beautiful scenery, and the undeniable bond between Stephanie and Marco, making it a day to remember for everyone involved.

Following the beautiful ceremony, Stephanie and Marco kicked off their celebrations with popping open a bottle of champagne, the bubbles sparkling in the sunlight as they toasted to their future. Glasses clinked, and heartfelt toasts were made, each one filled with love, hope, and well-wishes for the newlyweds. Marco’s parents and Stephanie’s best friend raised their glasses, their words reflecting the deep bond they shared with the couple.

Next, the cake cut. The cake, adorned with delicate decorations that matched the floral arch, was a sweet symbol of their new beginning. As they cut into it together, laughter and cheers filled the air, capturing the joy and excitement of the moment.

The celebrations continued with quality time spent with their closest people. The intimate gathering allowed for meaningful conversations, shared stories, and plenty of laughter. The relaxed atmosphere in the yard, with its stunning beach views, provided the perfect backdrop for these treasured moments.

Stephanie and Marco also made sure to keep their family and friends in Venezuela included in their celebration. They continued their FaceTime call, sharing the joy of the cake cutting and champagne toasts with their loved ones far away. This virtual connection kept the spirit of unity and love alive throughout the celebration.

The day was a perfect blend of romance, joy, and togetherness, creating memories that Stephanie and Marco, along with their loved ones, would cherish forever. The combination of heartfelt moments, stunning scenery, and the presence of their nearest and dearest made their elopement celebration truly special.

From Stephanie: “We had the opportunity to see our photos this weekend and honestly all of them are beautiful! More that I could expected. The colors, the composition you capture beautiful moments. Thank you so much! Now I’m in the process to select some of my favorite photos to create an album for my mom that I will send her to Venezuela.  Thank you so much! For all the great work and for showing your passion doing what you love! It shows in each picture”

Photographer: Kelsie O Photography

Dress: Davids Bridal

Suit: Zara

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