I feel like this gorgeous new spot has been crazy popular since it opened, and for good reason! The Leaf at Assiniboine Park is big enough to take a variety of photos and have fun exploring all the beautiful plants. I had so much fun capturing Andrea + Rhys’ engagement session here (even though I was not prepared for the humidity and sweat like crazy 😅)

Your engagement session, first and foremost, is quality time together! Picking locations that feel like you, and feel more like a date than a photoshoot, is going to be a way better experience. I was so excited when we decided on The Leaf, its the perfect spot for nature and house plant lovers alike!

One thing I was NOT prepared for was how freaking WARM The Leaf is at Assiniboine Park – but on a -30 day, it was so lovely. We spent an hour just walking around, looking at the plants, and goofing around. Andrea and Rhys are so playful with each other and found joy wherever we were walking, you can just tell how in love these two are!

There are so many areas in The Leaf that give a different vibe, and depth to your photos, its the perfect spot if you love nature, plants, or honestly just need an indoor space for engagement photos in the winter!

The light in the Leaf is so gorgeous, especially at mid-morning when we went. I always have a bit of fun getting creating with shadows and the photo above is one of my favourites from Andrea + Rhys’ engagement session!

We wandered up above the beautiful indoor waterfall to look out over the rest of the Leaf and then tucked into the butterfly garden! It so insanely cool in there, so many different kinds of butterflies and they just come right up and land on you. So magical!

Andrea and Rhys’ matching banana socks were possibly the top highlight after the butterflies! They’re such a fun way to bring out personality, I just had to capture that lil detail.

We wandered around, exploring the different features of the Leaf, and just had fun! From sticking our hands in the waterfall to Andrea + Rhys wearing their matching banana socks, this was exactly what an engagement session should be. I can’t wait to capture their wedding day this summer! 

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