You’re a dedicated entrepreneur who has poured their heart and soul into building their business – whether it started as a side hustle or you went all in, congratulations on reaching this milestone! Your business journey has been marked by passion, perseverance, and countless hours of hard work. Now, it’s time to showcase your brand in a truly personalized way.

Let’s be honest, your brand is more than a logo! You should be showing off your brand values, visual identity, and your personality. An amazing way to do this is through photography!

As entrepreneurs, we wear a lot of hats, but you don’t need to add photography to your new set of skills learned off YouTube!

enter: brand photography

Brand photography is here to capture those images that visually represent and communicate your brand’s identity, values, personality, and messaging. It goes beyond the traditional product photography to really tell your story, evoke emotion, and strengthen the connection between you and your target market!

Branding can really mean anything from headshots, to lifestyle photos, to completely candid, and yes of course, some product photography!

It can encompass various styles, from clean and minimalist to vibrant and dynamic, depending on your brand’s aesthetic and values. And if you’re doing it right? It brings YOUR personality into the mix as well, bridging the gap between you and your clients.

I’m passionate about showing off the person behind their brand! Helping you create a personal connection with each of the people that discover or follow you is SO impactful!

Little known fact about me: I successfully ran a handful of product based businesses before beginning Kelsie O Photography! Dog treats (when I was 11), Tailbagz (when I was 14, it’s a horse thing), Wanderlights Candle Co (university), and Olive & Hound (eco-friendly dog products, circa covid era).

Over the course of these businesses I learned A LOT. Most importantly, that a successful brand runs on human connection! But I would hear time and again, how hard it was for people to show their faces on their social media but that they understood how impactful it could be. So I decided to branch out, and pursue my passion of helping other entrepreneurs feel comfortable in front of the camera!

So why is booking a brand photoshoot important?

You’ve worked SO hard to build your business to where it is, it’s worth showing your face and getting some epic brand shots while you’re at it! You deserve to have photos that are aligned with your business and you’re excited to share! By investing in branding photography, you’re strengthening your brand identity, building meaningful connections with clients, and ultimately seeing more success! Yay!

Just a few reasons booking a brand photographer is always a good idea…

01. Expertise in Brand Photography

I understand and love visual storytelling! You’re not here because you want another head shot or photo in front of your laptop. We all know by now that creating a personal brand is key but that can sometimes be easier said than done. This is why I love getting to know you (and your business) before we even meet up for our session. By using questionnaires and understanding your biz, together we can create brand photos you’re obsessed with and want to splash all over your website!

02. Creative Vision

From styling to composition, I’ll provide guidance so we can elevate the visual impact of your brand imagery and ensure it aligns with your brand’s aesthetic. We’ll brainstorm creative ideas that make your brand stand out on social media, your website, and wherever else you use the images!

04. Guidance and Direction

Before our shoot, I’ll make sure you’re set up for success! You get ALL the tips beforehand, between outfits, prop suggestions, and understanding how the shoot will flow. I make sure you’re prepared headed into our session and set up for success! Let’s make sure this shoot is intentional and well thought out. Each piece should reflect your brand and have a destination in mind. How will you use the photos? What are your brand colours and visual identity? During our shoot, I’ll direct you to bring out your best expressions and poses, ensuring that the final images capture your personality.

05. Brand Consistency and Cohesion

Consistency is crucial for building brand recognition and trust. Brand photography ensures that visual elements such as colours, styles, and themes are consistent across all marketing channels and materials, reinforcing your brand’s identity and message.

06. Creating Trust

Being able to show potential clients or customers who you are, what you do, and what you love goes a loooong way towards building trust. We’ve all heard this idea of like-know-trust, but it’s really through images and video that we’re image to achieve this! I’ll likely create a whole other blog post on this but for now, get some branding photos done!

07. Long-Term Partnership

Building a relationship with me can lead to a long-term partnership that benefits your business over time! We get comfy with each other, meaning you won’t dread future branding sessions and I become familiar with your brand. I’m here for the evolving needs and preferences of your business over time, providing ongoing support and creative collaboration to help you achieve your branding goals!

I understand the dedication and hard work you’ve poured into growing and building your business, and I’m here to honor that journey by capturing the essence of your brand in a way that truly speaks to your target audience.

As a professional photographer specializing in branding, I recognize the importance of showcasing your unique brand identity – it’s the culmination of your passion, your values, and your vision. Together, let’s celebrate your achievements and highlight what sets your brand apart, crafting imagery that resonates deeply with those you’ve worked so diligently to reach!

Let’s create visual stories that not only reflect your brand’s authenticity but also speak directly to the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.

You’re in the right place if you want someone who cares about and understands your business, wants to show it off in a way that aligns with your brand, and makes sure you’re comfortable while doing it!

Reach out to chat about getting some epic branding photos done, right here in Winnipeg!

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